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Virtual Physio Now Available at Blueberry Therapy!

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Blueberry Therapy is excited to offer both Video Conferencing and Telephone Visits to help our clients continue their journey to wellness in the comfort of their own home. It is so important to maintain continuity and to stay connected, productive and active - physically, cognitively and emotionally.

Would I benefit from these Services?

The value and effectiveness of virtual services are becoming more and more prevalent as the world turns to online resources for comfort and convenience.

Evidence-based Research proves the benefits of these services include:

• Maintaining continuity of programs

• Continuing to progress toward goals, exercise progression

• Maintaining Accountability

• Maintaining direct access to your therapist, in the comfort of your own home

• Recording portions of the interaction, with consent, to share with clients to demonstrate exercises so they can review them as they are practicing at home

Research shows that telerehabilitation can allow:

• Children with disabilities to continue to increase their physical and behavioural functioning

• Patients recovering after a total knee replacement to effectively recover

• Telephone delivered interpersonal psychotherapy, which has been shown to be an effective treatment for diverse urban and rural women with postpartum depression and anxiety, to improve treatment access disparities

What Services Can be Accessed Virtually?

· Physiotherapy (Both Pelvic & Traditional)

· Psychotherapy

· Dietetics

· Breastfeeding Consultations

· Speech-Language Pathology

· Osteopathy

· Infant Massage


What does Virtual Pelvic Health Physiotherapy look like?

An Initial Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Assessment

can be completed virtually and may or may not include the use of a Biofeedback tool to assist you in understanding how your pelvic floor is contracting and relaxing.

At Blueberry Therapy we see children, men and women for pelvic health assessments.

In addition, a thorough medical history is completed with a bladder diary and standardized questionnaires to assist in monitoring progress toward your goals.

The physiotherapist will instruct you to perform a number of specific movements to evaluate your core stability and to determine if there is an abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti).

At the conclusion of your initial assessment, a plan of care and treatment will be completed in conjunction with your physiotherapist.

Virtual Pelvic Health Follow Up Visits will help you to progress through your rehabilitation journey.  If a biofeedback tool is a part of your program, your physiotherapist will instruct you on how to progress your exercises based on the gains you have made since your last visit.

Education and behavioural modification techniques will also be taught during your virtual visit to assist clients that suffer from pelvic pain, urinary incontinence or

overactive bladder.   Education on how to return to activity and appropriate exercise programs will also be part of these visits.


Can I receive Virtual Therapy if I am a Pediatric Client?

With the consent of a legal guardian, Pediatric patients can participate in Virtual Physiotherapy. Our physiotherapists can help children with:

· Torticollis

· Gross Motor Delays

· Toe-Walking

· Injuries

· Scoliosis

An Initial Virtual Pediatric Physiotherapy Assessment will include standardized questionnaires, observation of your child’s movement, and questions that include, but are not limited to injury mechanism, pain, and additional investigations. Follow up Virtual Pediatric Visits will include a review of the child’s progression toward your goals, and education and exercise progression.


How do I find out more about Virtual Therapy?

For more information please contact Blueberry Therapy directly.

E: P: 289-238-8383

To book a Virtual appointment for any of our services please select a Virtual Service through the Book Now feature on our website:



At Blueberry Therapy, we use a secure and private platform that meets the provincial privacy standards and allows you to communicate with practitioners face to face. Internet Connectivity an issue? Telephone Visits are also available!

Most benefits programs cover the cost of Virtual Therapy services at the same rate

as in person services, Check with your provider to ensure coverage.

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