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Psychotherapy is a term used to describe the treatment of various mental health concerns.  In particular, child and youth psychotherapy focuses on helping the young client and parents/caregivers learn about a child's mood, feelings, thoughts and behaviours.  Child and youth psychotherapists help their clients to understand and articulate their feelings.  This can be done through a variety of ways, such as, play, drawing, worksheets and roleplay activities as well as talking about events or previous experiences.  


Psychotherapy Initial Intake:

The Psychotherapy Initial Intake allows the psychotherapist and parent/caregiver to further discuss the child/youth mental health concerns.  During this parent only intake, further information regarding family history, child's development and social/emotional needs are discussed.  Goals for therapy and a treatment plan are also determined at this meeting. 


Psychotherapy Session: 

Following the Psychotherapy Initial Intake, psychotherapy sessions are scheduled to implement the treatment plan and to address therapy goals.  This can be done with either parents/caregivers or child/youth or a combination of both.  


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