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Nicole did an excellent job providing concrete examples of exercises that we can work on with my daughter during our virtual physiotherapy session, C was a bit nervous about using the virtual environment, but the appointment went very smoothly. We were even able to record some of the exercises, so I can return to them for guidance. Nicole is great and very knowledgeable!!


I have been to 3 physios and 2 RMTs at Blueberry Therapy and have been thoroughly impressed with all of them. The clinic is so warm and welcoming.. Someone even helped me out to my car on a snowy day.  I had a fracture in one of my lumbar vertebrae and with treatment, advice, exercise and massage,  I am now pain free.  I cannot say enough about Blueberry Therapy.


No pain after the appointment! I used my dilators and I was fine. I could feel noticeably

more tension on the left (usually I can't  feel noticeably more

tension). S said he was glad he could join for the appointment and I think we both have some more renewed hope, so thank you for your time & your work. 

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"For Kristen, the patient always comes first. She is the greatest advocate for her clients and instinctively offers her assistance and support, setting her clients' minds at ease and ensuring they know they are not alone."


I've used a number of services at Blueberry Therapy, including Speech Therapy and Pediatric Massage for my children, Pelvic Physiotherapy after child birth for myself, and RMT massage for myself, and keep going back! Services have always been great and the staff is wonderful. Definitely 5 stars.


Saw Megan for pelvic floor physio and have seen a dramatic improvement in my symptoms (primarily post partum incontinence), Megan was supportive and easily accessible throughout the process, even during the COVID situation. Very happy with my progress!

The most positive, thorough and knowledgeable care we’ve received. Our baby has gross motor delay and low tone and the staff at Blueberry make us feel so encouraged and motivated.


This is a remarkable and knowledgeable group of professionals who were instrumental in getting me back on my feet after my 2nd total knee replacement. I was fully functional within 6 weeks and could resume all my normal activities with no pain or restricted ROM. They are always looking for innovative ways to deliver exceptional care including virtual Physio and other services. People there are so friendly and welcoming and genuinely care about the total health and well being of their clients. Would highly recommend.



Our Sweet Georgia has had quite the month of appointments. We now know she is a low tone baby and, although we don’t know if there are any underlying issues, we do know that we have an amazing team of therapists on our side, thanks to Blueberry Therapy. We feel so blessed to have found such an incredible business that takes such care of us. If you or anyone you know has had a low tone baby, I’d love to talk to you/them about it. 


So welcoming and worth while! Helpful, long term tips for sore muscles . I would come here everyday for a massage! I recommend Blueberry therapy for anyone!!


I have been seeing Megan since my first daughter was 7 months old. She has been integral to helping me regain pelvic health and helping me through a back injury. She and everyone at Blueberry Therapy are very caring and I am always comfortable there! Megan has even been helpful virtually during the pandemic


Absolutely AMAZING! My first visit and definitely not my last! Amazing service! Comfortable atmosphere! Kristen was extremely helpful and understand and just all around very nice! I'm so happy with my first visit! Thank you Kristen and all at blueberry therapy!


As always, the process was so very efficient, from the preparation for the visit by completing forms /COVID health questions ahead of time online,  to the visit itself. 

Staff is always very professional and the clinic is exceptionally clean and comfortable.  Kristen is very knowledgeable and made some very good suggestions for me to move forward in my recovery. She's innovative, patient-centric  and has great business sense, offering many unique services outside of the clinic setting, necessitated by the COVID-19 situation.  

Highly recommend this business .


I have been a repeat physio patient at Blueberry Therapy for the last year or so. Megan, my PT, has been nothing but exceptional. She is patient, knowledgeable and professional. She is adept at dealing with athletes/former athletes "of a certain age" that can suffer from frustrating injuries that crop up unexpectedly. She has excellent follow up and is timely with providing links to effective and purposeful at home exercises.


Seriously, even though talking about pelvic health can be a little awkward, this was SUCH a great appointment! I was completely at ease and found the information extremely helpful. I'm so pleased to be a patient here.

Excellent Osteopathic treatments. They helped heal my lower back problem.


fabulous experience - comfortable setting and so much knowledge!

Blueberry Therapy is absolutely amazing! Working with them has been a huge life changer! Being chronically ill, seeing so many specialists... I finally feel like I am truly being heard and helped!

First of all, I was late and they the team went above and beyond to accommodate me so I could still get in. This was a regular scheduled appointment but I actually had some back pain that was pretty bad. Alexandra went right to work and 20 minutes later I left feeling so much better . Thank you Alexandra, you saved me from that dreaded pain! I highly recommend Alexandra and the Blueberry team to anyone.


Love Kristen and Blueberry Therapy! Kristen is the sweetest is an amazing physio. She takes the time to diagnose and takes a genuine interest in all areas of your life. She never rushes the appointment and will give you her full attention and answer any questions or concerns that you might have. She also takes the effort to write all details down for future reference. She was  able to provide tremendous relief for my chronic back pain that I’ve had to deal with for over 6 years. An amazing professional establishment. Highly recommend!!!


I have been a client of Kristen’s for over 4 years. She is incredible. Her knowledge, insight and care has helped me thrive and recover beautifully before, during and after each of my pregnancies. She is a gift to women and their health, pelvic floor and overall. 

Shawna's expert knowledge and professionalism as a physiotherapist enabled me to experience immediate benefits and relief form back pain. I highly recommend Shawna and Blueberry Therapy.

Nicole is a such a fabulous physiotherapist. I am so impressed with the care I'm receiving. Highly recommended.


Kristen and her team at Blueberry are my go-to pelvic health and paediatric physiotherapy referral location. As a local clinician, it's so important to have a strong network of colleagues to refer out to and Blueberry is the best in the field for their specialty. Thanks for always knocking it out of the park with our referrals from The Movement!






On my first visit for pelvic health I felt a little apprehensive. Shawna made me feel very comfortable right from the get go. She took the time to explain what she would be doing during the examination complete with a 3D model. I found her very knowledgeable. When the exam was finished she told me her findings and reassured me. She encouraged and answered all of my questions. When I went to the front desk to pay Miranda was lovely. I left feeling uplifted knowing that I was in capable hands. I would highly recommend Blueberry Therapy to family and friends!


“… learned so much about my own body, was so comfortable through the whole session and can’t wait to go back! The ladies truly made me feel safe and comfortable through the pandemic being pregnant and having a one year old.

My son is 15 months old and lacking mobility. We were so nervous going in for his Physio appointment but left reassured and so happy. We previously did Physio through another company and my son cried through all the exercises- at blueberry my son was laughing and having so much fun. We have already booked appointments for every week! Thank you so much for your support!” 

I have been going on a regular basis to Blueberry Therapy for massage with Heather and for physio treatments with Nicole. Both clinicians are awesome. I have trigeminal neuralgia and the massage has been such a bonus...Heather tries different treatments to address this problem. As well, Nicole has been treating me for over a year, helping me achieve better core strength and balance and suggesting exercises to strengthen my back which I injured. As a Senior, I want to stay active and vital and both women have been helping me do just that.



The staff are so friendly and accommodating. I have been seeing Kristen and she is so passionate about her career, is very personable and full of joy.


I always look forward to my appointment and am grateful that my doctor recommended their services.


Thank you!


I have been a client of Kristen’s for over 4 years. She is incredible. Her knowledge, insight and care has helped me thrive and recover beautifully before, during and after each of my pregnancies. She is a gift to women and their health, pelvic floor and overall.

I’ve used two of Blueberry Therapy’s services, most recently a virtual PT appointment with Deana for my son, and I have nothing but good things to say about the people and services! Deana is so friendly and knowledgeable and helpful. I really value her experience and expertise. But most importantly that feeling that she genuinely cares. 


 I went there for pelvic care after my second pregnancy and Megan was fantastic. She was able to assess me and provide me with simple effective stretches/exercises for my pelvic health as well as other problem areas. As we met prior to and then during the beginning of COVID, they were quick to adapt to new protocols while still creating a safe space in clinic when they were able to resume in person visits. Would recommend to anyone. They direct bill your insurance as well, which is very helpful! They do have a parking lot that is shared, but I have never had an issue with finding spots.



I brought my son (4 months old) for physio with Diedra for the first time and she was amazing with him! We noticed improvements, she gave excellent advice and exercises to help my son. She’s such a kind personable women! Highly recommend


Christine is very knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable in what could be an uncomfortable examination/therapy session. Easy to talk to and very non judgmental. Thank you.


I am so glad I had this appointment, I have learned so much about my body even just having the accessment. I encourage every woman to go and get a pelvic floor accessment. Warm, safe environment that helps you feel comfortable from the time you enter the front door till the time you say goodbye.

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