Nicole did an excellent job providing concrete examples of exercises that we can work on with my daughter during our virtual physiotherapy session, C was a bit nervous about using the virtual environment, but the appointment went very smoothly. We were even able to record some of the exercises, so I can return to them for guidance. Nicole is great and very knowledgeable!!


I have been to 3 physios and 2 RMTs at Blueberry Therapy and have been thoroughly impressed with all of them. The clinic is so warm and welcoming.. Someone even helped me out to my car on a snowy day.  I had a fracture in one of my lumbar vertebrae and with treatment, advice, exercise and massage,  I am now pain free.  I cannot say enough about Blueberry Therapy.


No pain after the appointment! I used my dilators and I was fine. I could feel noticeably

more tension on the left (usually I can't  feel noticeably more

tension). S said he was glad he could join for the appointment and I think we both have some more renewed hope, so thank you for your time & your work. 


"For Kristen, the patient always comes first. She is the greatest advocate for her clients and instinctively offers her assistance and support, setting her clients' minds at ease and ensuring they know they are not alone."


I've used a number of services at Blueberry Therapy, including Speech Therapy and Pediatric Massage for my children, Pelvic Physiotherapy after child birth for myself, and RMT massage for myself, and keep going back! Services have always been great and the staff is wonderful. Definitely 5 stars.


Saw Megan for pelvic floor physio and have seen a dramatic improvement in my symptoms (primarily post partum incontinence), Megan was supportive and easily accessible throughout the process, even during the COVID situation. Very happy with my progress!

The most positive, thorough and knowledgeable care we’ve received. Our baby has gross motor delay and low tone and the staff at Blueberry make us feel so encouraged and motivated.


This is a remarkable and knowledgeable group of professionals who were instrumental in getting me back on my feet after my 2nd total knee replacement. I was fully functional within 6 weeks and could resume all my normal activities with no pain or restricted ROM. They are always looking for innovative ways to deliver exceptional care including virtual Physio and other services. People there are so friendly and welcoming and genuinely care about the total health and well being of their clients. Would highly recommend.



Blueberry Therapy has improved my wellbeing in a huge way. I didn’t know anything about postpartum recovery or my pelvic floor until meeting my physiotherapist Megan. I can’t say enough good things about her. She helped me work through all of the obstacles of postpartum recovery. I would recommend this clinic and Megan to any new mom.


Following surgery in 2018, not only did Kristen help me 100% with my post surgery issues, she also was so professional, so nice to work with...I was so glad I went!! I have returned twice on 2 different occasions to the clinic for 2 different health issues and both times Blueberry Therapy has come through in spades...honestly, if you are looking for a clinic that offers various services please give them a try... you won`t be disappointed.


We have had several virtual physio sessions with Kristen. A very effective way to address questions and concerns, guide us through / demonstrate new exercises, and do something positive to help improve our well being. Thank you!


Shawna has been great and I have already seen results in just a few visits. I would definitely recommend Blueberry Therapy for anyone looking to do pelvic floor physiotherapy.


Our Sweet Georgia has had quite the month of appointments. We now know she is a low tone baby and, although we don’t know if there are any underlying issues, we do know that we have an amazing team of therapists on our side, thanks to Blueberry Therapy. We feel so blessed to have found such an incredible business that takes such care of us. If you or anyone you know has had a low tone baby, I’d love to talk to you/them about it. 


So welcoming and worth while! Helpful, long term tips for sore muscles . I would come here everyday for a massage! I recommend Blueberry therapy for anyone!!

I have been seeing Megan since my first daughter was 7 months old. She has been integral to helping me regain pelvic health and helping me through a back injury. She and everyone at Blueberry Therapy are very caring and I am always comfortable there! Megan has even been helpful virtually during the pandemic



Absolutely AMAZING! My first visit and definitely not my last! Amazing service! Comfortable atmosphere! Kristen was extremely helpful and understand and just all around very nice! I'm so happy with my first visit! Thank you Kristen and all at blueberry therapy!


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