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Registered Massage Therapist, RMT, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Yoga Birth Method Teacher

Danielle Downey is a Certified Yoga Instructor and graduate of the Massage Therapy Program at Mohawk College.  Danielle has many years of experience in serving her clients’ physical and spiritual needs.  She has been teaching yoga for 13 years and has run her own yoga practice for 10 of these years. Danielle loves teaching yoga and helping clients connect with their breath and bodies. 


Danielle is an expert in breath work and teaches workshops in proper breathing techniques.  Danielle is a talented instructor who can diversify her levels of yoga instruction to meet all of her clients’ needs.  Throughout her practice she has taught all levels of yoga, including Seniors’ Yoga,  Prenatal Yoga, and Postnatal Yoga.  Danielle enjoys continuing education and has taken many courses to improve her knowledge of anatomy and mindfulness practices. Most recently she took the Non-internal Introductory Pelvic floor course through Pelvic Health Solutions.  


Danielle has experienced first-hand the important role that postpartum self-care plays, through the many services that Blueberry Therapy has to offer.  She feels very fortunate to be working at Blueberry Therapy as a yoga teacher and future RMT.   Danielle is currently practicing Ashtanga and Sivananda Yoga and she has a beautiful family she adores. 

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Phone: 289-238-8383

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