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Therapeutic Touch & Your Child

As parents, we want to support our children so that they can grow into intuitive, happy and healthy (in mind and body) human beings. The reality is, with an increase in hours spent in front of electronics, as well as busy schedules decreasing the amount of quality time spent with each other, children are receiving less and less of that touch that they naturally crave and need to thrive.

Touch is essential to a child’s development, sense of well-being, and good health.


Studies have shown regular massage in children can:

  • decrease stress hormones

  • increases the body’s disease-fighting cells

  • improve body awareness

  • improve sleep quality and, in turn, improve the body’s overall ability to heal

Therapeutic touch or regular massage can help children with:

  • chronic headaches

  • anxiety

  • sports injury

  • developmental disorders

  • chronic illness

Don’t know where to start with at-home or in-clinic pediatric massage? Our in-house Registered Massage Therapist who specializes in Pediatrics, Heather Alexander, strives to educate and spread awareness about the importance of therapeutic touch for children.

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