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The Rocky Roads of Perimenopause

Are you wet when you should be dry? Are you dry when you should be wet? Are you waking up at night feeling like your internal temperature is trying to mimic the temperature of the sun? Do you feel sore, especially in your shoulders, hips, and feet when you haven’t done anything to cause this soreness? Do you feel like you walk around in a bit of a fog and your once impeccable memory is now constantly failing you? Has your libido tanked and when you have sex it hurts? If your answer to any of these questions is YES it may be a result of changes in your body related to perimenopause.

The symptoms you’re feeling may be:

· Urinary incontinence (peeing your pants)

· Vaginal dryness (lack of lubrication)

· Hot flashes

· Muscle soreness (in muscles that are estrogen dependent)

· Brain Fog

· Decreased Libido

· Pelvic Floor Muscle Dysfunction

Sometime around the age of 35 female hormones start to change. It is punctuated by fluctuating hormones, irregular periods, sleep disturbances, vaginal dryness and a laundry list of other significant physical, cognitive and emotional symptoms. Perimenopause is simply the transition time leading to Menopause and it may be a few years or a decade depending on the individual. You’re out of perimenopause and into menopause once you’ve had 12 consecutive months without a menstrual period. Everything afterwards is called Postmenopause.

Changes in menstruation are a hallmark of perimenopause—a shorter cycle, a longer cycle, a heavier period, or a lighter period than is usual for a particular woman. Many women are unaware of perimenopause, so they assume a medical condition, such as fibroids, is to blame when they experience changes in their periods. It is a great idea to track your cycle and symptoms using one of the free apps available to be able to have the best information for yourself and your health care provider.

If you would like to learn more about the hormonal roots and pelvic health changes that happen during Perimenopause AND some treatments for these symptoms, sign up for our 3 Part Virtual Series: The Rocky Roads of Perimenopause. Every participant that signs up has the chance to win an amazing gift ($200 value) from Good Clean Love!!

The Rocky Roads of Perimenopause

Virtual 8-9pm



Thurs Feb 23rd

Dr. Kirsten Almon (Naturopathic Doctor)

Hormonal Changes and Natural Solutions

Thurs Mar 2nd

Kristen Parise (Pelvic Health Physiotherapist)

Pelvic Health Changes / Genitourinary Symptoms of Menopause

Thurs Mar 9th

Kristina Janicas (Nurse Practitioner)

Current Treatments including Bioidenticals

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