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Tennis Elbow: How To Prevent It. How To Treat It.

Contrary to it’s nickname, Lateral Epicondylitis, also known as tennis elbow, is not only a painful condition associated with tennis players. Whether you’re an athlete or not, outer elbow pain is a common ailment that affects many people who perform repetitive movements of the wrist and fingers – this includes using a computer. With more and more people working from home (and less and less people having optimal work station setups) we’ve been seeing a lot more patients complaining of this type of pain.

How can I avoid/treat the pain caused by Tennis Elbow?

  1. Ensure a proper work station set up or office ergonomics.

  2. Avoid sitting for extended periods of time – ensure you’re stretching or walking once an hour to avoid thoracic flexion.

  3. Stretch out the flexor muscles, which are the group of muscles on the opposite side of the forearm where you feel the pain.

  4. Strengthening and lengthening the forearm extensor muscles, as this is typically the weakest area of the arm muscles.

  5. Ensure the shoulder girdle (your upper arm and shoulder blade) is strong to lessen the strain on the elbow. You can strengthen these muscles by performing arm exercises and rotations to keep the spine healthy and increase the range of motion in your shoulders.

Need some help with exercise demonstrations and programs or setting up a proper, ergonomic work station? We can help – VIRTUALLY!

Contact Blueberry Therapy today to book your Initial Assessment with one of our Registered Physiotherapists.

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