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Reiki: For the Mind, Body & Soul

We’ve all been there at some point or another: Burning the candle at both ends; Going through life as if it’s a never-ending relay race where we don’t dare drop that baton. Eventually, when we don’t take the time to pause, reflect and take care of ourselves, we’ll cause burnout and a whole host of physical and emotional symptoms.

If we don’t put that oxygen mask on ourselves first how can we can serve others? How can we give from an empty cup? Simply put, we can’t.

Have you ever just ‘felt off’ or ‘had a bad feeling about someone’? More often than not, this is because we’re suffering in some way or another from misalignment. It’s common to become unbalanced when we face challenges. We start to feel anxiety, frustration, less patience, fear and worry, leading to physical symptoms and emotional stress. Aches and pains may creep up and linger, or anxiety and depression might persist or return.

Reiki’s healing energy balances every aspect of our being to facilitate our bodies to do what they do best - self-heal. To receive Reiki is to empower ourselves in our own healing. When you learn to really take care of and love yourself, your energy and aura will reject anyone and any situation that does not serve you or your self-worth.

A holistic Reiki session feels like an ultra-charged meditation for the mind, body and spirit that leaves you with an immense feeling of relaxation. Reiki instills universal life energy, a vibration of love, compassion, kindness and self-acceptance.

The Benefits of Reiki include:

· stress relief

· immune system support

· deep relaxation

· spiritual growth & emotional maturity

· an increase in mental focus

· aids the body to more efficiently self-heal

All that is required from the recipient is a commitment of their time, but most importantly their openness and willingness to receive all the loving energy and healing they deserve.

The Seven Main Chakras

Reiki sessions serve to balance the main chakras in the body so that everything can work in harmony. During a session, each chakra is given special attention, but one can work with their practitioner to identify any issues or set an intention for that particular session.

The main Chakras that we focus on are:

The Root Chakra: Located below your tailbone, when balanced, it helps us feel grounded, stability, a sense of trust and security, and confidence to face change and make decisions.

When unbalanced it can look like panic attacks, over thinking, insecurity, low libido, low energy, depression, fear of change.

Physical symptoms can manifest as back pain, weight issues, insomnia, addictions, and issues with the legs and feet.

The Sacral Chakra: Located below the navel, when balanced we experience healthy relationships and allow ourselves to express creativity and have healthy reproductive function.

When unbalanced it can look like anxiety, shame, overindulgence, resistance to pleasures, moods swings and guilt.

Physical symptoms can manifest as painful cramps, adrenal fatigue, bladder infections, sexual disorders, allergies, kidney and gall bladder issues and infertility.

The Solar Plexus Chakra: Located below sternum, above the navel, when balanced we feel comfortable in our own skin and in expressing our own power. We have confidence to let ourselves shine and experience joy.

When unbalanced we can experience anger, indifference, fear of rejection and judgment, “playing small”, and issues with self-esteem as well as with power and control.

Physical symptoms can be issues with digestion, liver, obesity, ulcers, food sensitivities, and skin conditions.

The Heart Chakra: Located in the centre of the chest, when balanced, we are able to give and receive love freely, as well as our ability to express kindness and compassion to ourselves and others.

When unbalanced there can be unhealthy attachments, feeling unworthy of love, jealousy, and feeling withdrawn.

Physical symptoms can manifest as heart and breast issues, shortness of breath, compromised immune systems and high blood pressure.

The Throat Chakra: Located in the neck and throat area, when balanced, we have the ability and confidence to express ourselves freely with integrity.

When unbalanced, we can be verbally aggressive or self- critical, lacking the ability to articulate our thoughts we ease.

Physical symptoms can include jaw tension and stiffness, chronic sore throat, dental issues, thyroid, sinus, and ear issues.

The Third Eye Chakra: Located between the eyebrows, when balanced, we are able to see situations with clarity and have access to our own inner guidance. We have foresight and good intuition and healthy neurological function.

When unbalanced we can experience poor sleep, fatigue, anxiety and depression, and paranoia.

Physical issues can relate to poor neurological functions, frequent migraines, vision and sinus issues.

The Crown Chakra: Located at the top of the head, when balanced, we are self- aware and are connected to the Universe. We have feelings of peacefulness and feel enlightened.

When unbalanced, we can feel disconnected and lack spiritual connection. Some suffer from a superiority complex, seek drama, lack a sense of purpose, and can experience mental illness.

Physical manifestations can include nervous system disorders, headaches, inability to concentrate, and feeling disconnected from the world.

Do you think you could benefit from a Reiki session to help rebalance your Chakras? Blueberry Therapy now offers Reiki services with our Reiki Practioner, Dianah Fortino. Book a session today!

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