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Have you been thinking about seeing a Naturopathic Doctor to help you feel more energized, improve your gut health, or manage your hormones? There is no better time than NOW to start!!!

Happy Detox Package March 6-10th

Contact us today ( or 289-238-8383) to sign up for this unbelievable package including over $140 in savings. It includes:

1. Naturopathic Initial Assessment ($140)

2. Virtual Happy Detox Class Wed March 8th 8-9pm ($80)

3. Naturopathic Follow Up Treatment 30 min ($80)

4. Detox Booklet FREE

5. Direct Support from Dr. Kirsten Almon during the 5 day event FREE

Let's help you put your best foot forward!

A Naturopathic cleanse or detox helps to support the liver to eliminate toxins. It also helps to boost antioxidants.

Patients who have experienced this first hand say:

· "I feel more clear in my head and thinking"

· "This process helped me to develop better eating habits"

· "My bloating is gone!"

· "I have better quality sleep"

Do I need to liver cleanse?

Usually, your body will alert you. These symptoms indicate that your body is overloaded and your liver is working overtime to keep up. There are many signs that you may need to naturopathic detox, including:

· Fatigue

· Headaches

· Sensitivity to smells

· Confusion or brain-fog

· Increased allergic reactions

· Frequent constipation or diarrhea

· Feeling hungover when you’re not

· Skin conditions like acne or eczema

· New allergies you’ve never had before

· Irregular or painful periods

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