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Laura Doyle 

Registered Physiotherapist and Breasfeeding Consultant

Laura Doyle is an incredibly experienced physiotherapist with over 20 years of diligent work with children.  She began her career working exclusively with children at the Lansdowne Children's Treatment Centre and has gone on to work in the school system, in private clinics and now in a family health team.  

Laura has a passion for helping new mom's and infants breastfeed.  Over the last few years she has taken multiple courses in this area and is working towards her lactation consultant designation.  As a physiotherapist, she approaches woman and their babies with a skilled eye in observation and woman walk away with more confidence in how to help their babies feed more effectively and efficiently.

We are so lucky at Blueberry Therapy to have Laura join the team as she brings an incredible amount of knowledge with her and compliments the services already present at Blueberry.

Laura is accepting new clients and her services are billable through benefit plans under Physiotherapy.


Picture of a baby breastfeeding
Picture of Laura Doyle

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