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Occupational Therapist Psychotherapist B.Sc.OT Reg. (Ont.), OTR, CICAPP Candidate

Christine (Chris) Robinson (she/her), B.Sc. OT Reg. (Ont.) OTR, is a DIR® Floortime Expert and a Canadian Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Candidate (CICAPP). As an experienced OT, her practice includes the controlled act of psychotherapy to support children and youth, who are struggling in their capacity to participate in school, community, and family life. Children and youth with emotional, social, behavioural, and intellectual difficulties respond positively to play and talk therapy sessions with Chris. 

In addition, Chris works with parents as a part of her treatment. Her mantra, “There is no baby without a mother,” from Donald Winnicott (1975) reflects her belief in this work. Parent sessions encourage reflection of parenting and family histories to support healthy emotional and relational development for the family. 


Infant and parent psychotherapy is a practice area that Chris is excited to develop. To facilitate healthy relationships between caregiver and their child, OT psychotherapy treatment is recommended in a variety of situations such as, after a difficult pregnancy and birth, relationship difficulties between caregiver and newborn, and when there are significant mental health issues in the family. 


Chris is accepting new clients. Her services can be claimed under occupational therapy only. 


Winnicott, D. L. (1975) Anxiety associated with insecurity. In Collected papers, 

Through paediatrics to psychoanalysis. Hogarth Press, Institute of Psycho-Analysis, 97-100.

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