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Sport & Massage Therapy in Children

Children are busier now in sports and extracurricular activities than ever before. Many children split their time between multiple sports, be it recreationally or competitively.

Unfortunately, just like adults, children can suffer from sports injuries too. Injuries could range from fractures, strains and sprains to whiplash, or even concussion.

It is important your children are seeking out the right therapies to allow for a full recovery and return to daily activity, and equally as important to take steps to prevent injuries from occurring in the first place.

Your young athlete receiving regular massage treatments will allow for an increased blood flow to the muscles, which, in turn, will result in less muscles tension, an increase in joint range of motion and a decrease in overall stiffness, causing a relaxation response. All of these benefits are sure to allow for muscles and joints to recover while decreasing post physical activity soreness and preparing your little athlete for their next big sporting event.

Children often endure stresses and pressures to succeed when competing in sport. This emotional toll may be another indication that they could benefit from regular massage. Not only does massage have many physical benefits but a massage is known to elicit a sense of calm and relaxation, reduce stress hormones, and improve the quality of sleep.


Do you think your child could benefit from Massage Therapy? Book a free Discovery Call with Heather to learn more.

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