Registered Dietitian, PhD
Maude Perreault is a registered dietitian working with pregnant women, new parents and their babies. She completed her Bachelor of Science at the Université de Montréal, where she was clinically trained as a pediatric dietitian at the CHU Sainte-Justine. Maude completed her MSc from the University of Guelph, and her PhD from McMaster University, where she worked with hundreds of pregnant women and their babies as part of a nutrition and exercise clinical study. Her clinical and research interests include maternal and infant nutrition, with a focus on the importance of the first 1000 days from conception to 2 years of age.
As a mother of an energetic toddler, Maude knows that parent life is absolutely amazing, but a huge adjustment too. Feeding a child is hard! Maude help parents work together and succeed at infant milestone feeding. She supports parents in creating a food environment where their child eats and grows optimally, with pleasure and excitement.
Being French-Canadian married to an Indian husband, Maude values embracing food traditions, and makes sure her clients do to! Maude establishes feeding strategies with parents that reflect their family food values, and respect their unique ethnic backgrounds. 
Maude’s goal is that parents regain their enjoyment from family meals, knowing their child is growing well, with a curiosity to explore all foods.
Maude Pereault - Pediatric RD - Rectangl

Cell:  289-919-5254


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